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How to track overall performance of your field workers?

Field workers perform so many roles, and play a great role in promoting the image of a business. Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to track their performance and this can be so costly for a business, or even result in low quality services. It is advisable that a business finds the right type of tools and application to track the performance of the entire field work team. By effectively tracking the field workers, a business will optimize field operations, thereby, improving the satisfaction of its customers, and reduce costs that relate to field services.

The business needs various types of trackers as each of the tracking tools is best suited to a given situation. The GPS fleet management software is very effective in recording all vehicle activities in a detailed manner. While the customer service team can be tracked through cell phones and other communication gadgets.

• Information and communication technology

Managing mobile employees is highly challenging, the situation is more serious with field workers in that they are highly dispersed. Use of the right communication and information technology tools is the best way to cheaply and effectively manage workforce. Use of remote desktop tools and software applications such as Skype, webinar and email is the best alternative. The field service officers will get in touch with the offices and other field officers, thereby, improving the quality of services delivered. The main challenge, however, is how to identify the right applications to help with this in that security, convenience and cost must be taken into account.

• What needs tracking?

As far as monitoring of field workers is needed, the business needs to identify what exactly to track. In many cases, there is need to track the location of field officers, costs and time. These three aspects are vital for the survival of a business. Tracking the location of field workers is very important for their security, and that of consignment. Misappropriation and unnecessary delays in consignment is also minimized through effective tracking. Tracking costs is also another important aspect in field services, since field services mostly involve travelling and transportation, there is need to track the vehicles, to ensure they are not diverted for other use. As well, this will help to reduce the cost of fuelling. There should be tracking of time too, as this helps to minimize the time taken to deliver services to customers. On the other end, it will increase the rate of service delivery, thereby, increasing the level of customer satisfaction.

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