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Rules to maximize your customer satisfaction in service business

If a business wants to maximize customer satisfaction, it has to put in place rules and mechanisms that ensure their employees have this agenda in mind, whenever they are handling customers. Note that the business itself has a big role to play in promoting customer satisfaction, and this can be done in various ways.

• Providing quality services

If a business in the service industry wants its customers to be fully satisfied with its services, it has to ensure they are of good quality. The service industry is trickier than the goods industry because the customer’s satisfaction fully depends on the services provided by the seller, while in the goods industry, satisfaction is partially derived from the goods sold and the services provided by the seller. There is no alternative to providing quality services, for any business that wants to excel in the service industry.

• Establishing a medium through which customers raise complaints

The only way that business can know if it’s meeting the customers’ expectations is through consulting the customers themselves. There is need to provide a medium through which customers can air their complaints. This can be a toll-free number, email, social media page, or customer service desk. The biggest challenge is that there may be too many complaints that can be handled, in such case, the business can, through its customer service team pick small samples and address complaints which appear to be too common right away, and handle others as time goes by.

• Quick, error free, and effective service

One of the most annoying things for all of us are paying for services, or requesting for services and then having to wait for too long before the services are delivered. If a business in the service industry wants to succeed in its operations, it has to provide services as soon as the customers’ request. The services should have minimal errors, and be highly effective in satisfying the demands of the customers. If they can’t do this, there are higher chances that the customers may become lose patience waiting for the services, and seek ones that meet these qualities elsewhere.

• Increasing employee productivity

Employees are crucial to the success of any business; with regard to this, they should be highly productive at all times, because this is what may increase customers for the business. Employee motivation, training, and enumeration should be key factors to be tackled by the human resource team. They should be enumerated fairly, be motivated highly, and be trained regularly on how to use the new technologies.

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