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Optimizing your field service operations with FieldTrack

Field services are usually underutilized due to improper planning and scheduling of activities, which require specialized service such as those provided by FieldTrack, to execute. Businesses face a big challenge when it’s about choosing support services for their field service officers.

Why choose FieldTrack?

At FieldTrack, various types of services are provided to enable customers to achieve the best from the services they pay for, not a single customer can miss the right software for their needs. The software is made in such a way that they appear better than customized ones because, at FieldTrack, they understand all you need to make your field service one of the best the world over.

• Data recording

FieldTrack provides the best data recording services for field service officers by writing customized software for all businesses. This software is easy to use and requires little experience and skills, as compared with many of the software in today’s market. They support recording for all media types and allow the user to enter data as appropriate.

• Data backup

FieldTrack allows the field officers to back up data automatically by syncing with any of the cloud storage services providers. This process can be set to be automatic, or be activated manually whenever need be. Internet connectivity is needed for this option to be effective. This is one the best services that ensure data is secure at all times, which means all data is fully secured, even if the recording machine becomes grounded, or gets lost.

• Data processing

FieldTrack enables quick processing of transaction and data and ensures customers do not have to wait for hours to have the services executed. The data is automatically backed up in the office to allow the office personnel act accordingly, this means the customer can get immediate feedback from the management, or any other relevant office personnel if need be. There are two options for data processing depending on sensitivity and urgency of the data, manual and automatic.

• Team communication

One of the best issue when using the FieldTrack services is their ability to properly coordinate all the involved parties when working with a customer, this enables the field service personnel to make quick consultations without having to involve a lot of processes, some of which may end up leaking confidential information to third parties. If the field officer does not have the know-how on a certain issue, he can make an inquiry and get an answer simultaneously, this promotes service delivery.

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