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Managing service delivery consistency?

In business to business relationships, service delivery is just as important as the service being offered. This fact holds for business to customer sales except that the activity is highly magnified and the business perspective is different. This implies that employing similar methods of delivering service for both the business and consumer clients may not be ideal. It’s good to understand the demand of a business client and fully identify the goals and methods for service delivery. When dealing with business clients, service delivery is equally important as the service being delivered. The following are some of the steps involved in delivery of quality service to businesses.

• Identify the needs of the client

Knowing what the client needs is the first step towards customer satisfaction though provision of high quality services. Business managers are highly concerned with quality and this implies they shall should treated the same was as consumers. However, business market is major determinant for the applicable factors.

• Define service delivery goals

The goals set should be realistic and achievable. Some of the most important components with respect to this include price, timeliness, and quality, and through establishing the parameters, a business will support optimal delivery of services.

• Include planning and forecasting

The most important part in the delivery of business services is incorporating service into operations of the business. Any disruption to service delivery results in a diminished quality. This factor applies with consumers’ but the main difference is that with business service delivery it is magnified, and always includes different factors.

• Develop a service delivery model

One of the most important aspects for the delivery of services is defining the procedures for service delivery to client businesses. They differ slightly from the processes involved when providing consumers with services.

• Construct a service delivery agreement

A business can greatly improve customer satisfaction by explicitly define the terms of service delivery. This may not necessarily require formal agreement. But there is great need to document since they may vary from one client to another.

• Optimize service delivery processes

Any process always has room improvement, thus streamlining saves costs for both the business and the customer. It’s in the best interest of the business to save money.

• Evaluate performance of service delivery

Businesses should develop excellent performance indicators such as costs for maintenance, vehicle down time, and time delivery. Setting benchmarks and measuring the results will enable both the customer and business to know if performance is degrading.

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