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How to increase your field service efficiency

Organizations and businesses link with their customers through field service operations, which are carried out by a special group of employees, who so far are the only group in many organizations that interacts with customers in person after sales have been made.

• Why have efficient field services?

If an organization wants to improve customers’ royalty and gain a competitive advantage over rivals, it needs efficient field service functions well armed with the right information, skills, and equipment. The field services personnel need to be well connected to all customers as this enable them respond quickly to emergencies. This process should be well coordinated lest there will be high costs involved, such as a rising labor and fuel costs. Organizations should ensure the field service operations and office operations coordinate well to enable them deliver the best services to clients at cheap costs.

• Proper organization of operations

Not many organizations have managed to coordinate productivity tools, enterprise information system, and labor controls, to yield the best results. There is need to reduce the non value added time field operations team spends in filling out work orders, preparing various invoices, and providing documents which is formality when doing work.

• Better office coordination

The office team also faces major challenges when keeping records and executing correspondence, this process should be efficient to allow faster intra and inter organizational exchange of information. A considerable amount of work done in offices involves data entry from the manual-fill-ins by field technicians. If the field technicians use an automated system, work will be much easier for the office correspondents. On the other end, an excellent office management system ensures proper coordination of the office and field teams, both of which are essential for effective field service.

• Efficiency in field operations

The field service officers should identify the correct work tools and equipment, and ensure they have the capacity to execute the job. By being conversant with the tools used, work will be completed faster and effectively.

Studies have indicated that companies with excellent field service operations reduce office workload by at least eight percent, generate at least 2.5 percent more profits, and realize a service level agreement (SLA) compliance rate of 12.5 percent.

There is a strong connection between improving intra-organizational operations and eliminating paperwork in the field, identifying this connection is highly challenging for most managers, and this explains why implementation of the system is slow in many organizations. It is not possible to improve field efficiency without improving office operations because the two work jointly.

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