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Most commonly used mobile functions/app to manage service calls

Service calls are essential for any business in that they are used to communicate with fellow employees or customers. Official calls must be done in a given protocol, with some businesses allocating hours and days for making calls. This mostly applies to small businesses, or large businesses that do not operate around the clock, however, there are other businesses that provide phone support all through the day. Either way, a certain protocol is set to ensure all customers have a fair chance of getting attended to. In most instances, multinational companies whose offices are not decentralized have to provide a 24/7 phone support because of the difference in time zones of its customers.

• Reminders

Reminders are some of the most important mobile application for business in that they enable to remember something that was to be done or take place. For busy people, the reminder is the only way to never skip a task, since they may be having several things to do in a single day, thus are working against a time constraint.

• Calendar

The calendar is very important when scheduling calls and people always refer to it when confirming dates for certain events. When confirming whether a certain transaction went through, or why a consignment has not reached the destination, a person has to confirm this by checking the calendar.

• Alarm

An alarm is important when making schedule calls, for instance, if a customer was waiting for a field officer by a given time and has failed to turn up. The alarm will be a reminder to make a call about the progress of the field officer. On the other end, alarms are important in alerting the sales support team when their session is up over so that they can continue with work or prepare to pave way for the incoming team. Alarms are very important for the customer service team, but should not cause disruption during communication.

• Google Map

Google maps are very important when people want to know the exact location of their consignment and the due time. On the other end, a customer who wants to get some service would like to know the exact location of the field service officer and will, therefore, call the support centre to be told the location and the approximate the time it will take the field officer to arrive. This will reduce the anxiety level and thus increase the amount of satisfaction for the customer, which means they will continue using the services of the business.

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