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How can Smartphone increase employee productivity?

With the rapid technological developments in the modern word, many innovations which have caused revolutions in all aspects of a business have come up. Smartphone’s are the latest innovation in the mobile phone industry and the uptake has been excellent, with a considerable number of businesses and people owning them. Apart from the inbuilt features for every Smartphone, there are thousands of applications. The most popular Smartphone operating systems iOS and Android, have realized so many application developments, which have greatly increased the productivity of employees. A mobile phone being a communication gadget, most of the developments revolve around the Information and communication technology industry.


These days’ people no longer have to use a printed calendar to plan their activities, because they need a calendar they can refer to any time they could like. The Smartphone calendar has increased employee productivity in one major way; employees can mark dates and be able to properly schedule meetings and other activities. Smartphone calendar is best when people are allocating duties among themselves as it enables them to avoid double assignments.


Reminders are very important Smartphone tools that greatly increase the productivity of employee, the most senior employee, and those employees who schedule appointments on regular basis are the greatest beneficiaries of the Smartphone reminder. The reminder ensures they never forgo their official duties out of will. The major advantage with using a Smartphone for scheduling is its ability handle large amounts of data, which means it can accommodate so many reminders.


An alarm is one of the must have things for all people, in that not many people can manage to wake up in the morning without an alarm ringing. Employees can get up early for work thus a Smartphone alarm improves a person’s punctuality for work. An alarm can also be set to alert an employee that their time for carrying out a certain duty is over.

Google map

Google maps are a very important tool for employees, especially the field service officers and the sales and marketing tem who have to travel constantly when attending to the customer’s needs.


The camera is an important tool for recording; employee productivity is enhanced by a camera especially when recording the condition of apparatus, before a repair. They can take a photo and share with their team so as to get the best solution on how to approach the repair. In some instances they can take photographs of documents when they cannot readily access a photocopier.

GPS tracker

GPS trackers for Smartphone’s re an important tool that can be used to locate an employee. The GPS tracker increases employee productivity as they can easily know the location of team members especially when they need help.

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